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    Sound Designer

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    Educator & Researcher

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    Music Producer & Sound Engineer

Thilo's Work

  • I really think the recording of the violin is amazing!





    Anthony Tan, Composer
  • Thilo’s music inspires and connects so readily with both the listener and the player.




    Jeremy S. Brown
  • We had the pleasure of working with Thilo on a few occasions. He is a fantastic sound engineer and producer and did a wonderful job on our first CD. And his skills didn’t stop there! He also wrote a piece for the quartet which we performed at the world saxophone congress in 2012. His attention to detail is superb and his writing very idiomatic for the instrument and performer. A multi-talented musician!

    Sirocco Saxophone Quartet

Recent News

Review of Catch in Neue Musikzeitung and 5 Stars in Fono Forum

Posted in - Composition & Music Production
on April 18th 2017

“Das klassische Saxophonensemble ist immer wieder für Überraschungen gut. Die Werke von fünf Komponisten, die das exzellente britische Sirocco Saxophone Quartet aufgenommen hat, haben alle ein scharfes Profil und könnten abwechslungsreicher nicht sein. Das reicht vom zackigen Bebop-Unisono bei Robert Myers über das gespenstische Stimmungsbild „Insomnia“ von Malte Giesen bis zum assoziativ zwischen Motorik und Stagnation wechselnden …

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Clockwork released

Posted in - Composition
on January 5th 2017

In October 2016 the video game clockwork with Thilo’s music was released on Steam. It is a puzzle-platformer with hand-drawn levels and beautiful artwork. Thilo designed the non-linear music system and composed the music to enhance the game’s atmosphere.


Here are some of the reviews on the music:

“Relaxing soundtrack that fits …

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World Premiere

Posted in - Composition
on November 19th 2016

On November 16, 2016, the Sirocco Saxophone Quartet played the world premiere of The Central at the Teo Otto Theater in Remscheid, Germany. Congratulations to the ensemble for the wonderful performance! The score will be available soon. In case you are interested, please use the contact form to request your copy.

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CD “Catch” on Longlist for the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik

Posted in - Composition
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The Album “Catch” by the Sirocco Saxophone Quartet was released in August on the label Encora. The wonderful musicians perform never-released works by living composers. The album also contains “Back to Bar 190!”, one of Thilo’s recent compositions for saxophone quartet. Thilo produced, recorded, and mixed this album and we are all very pleased to …

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CD Release

Posted in - Music Production
on August 14th 2014

“La Danza” by the Sirocco Saxophone Quartet is now available. This album was recorded in Germany in May 2014 and edited, mixed, and mastered in Canada in June in Canada. Thilo worked as recording producer, balance engineer and did all post production. This journey through richly contrasting styles of dance is enlivened by the vocal versatility of the saxophone quartet and the distinct personalities of the different instruments.

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Thilo was born and raised in Germany. He received his first musical training on the violin at the age of seven and later started playing clarinet, saxophone, and piano. For his studies in Art of Sound (Music Production) and classical clarinet at the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag, Thilo moved to the Netherlands. After taking composition lessons with Roderik de Man and obtaining a masters degree, Thilo studied sound design and composition in contexts at the Faculty of Media Technology of the Utrecht School of Arts in Hilversum. He worked as freelance composer, record producer, and assistant producer for radio4 - the national classical radio station of the Netherlands - before becoming assistant professor in the department of music at the University of Lethbridge in Canada. Thilo composes autonomous music as well as for various media contexts. His works have been performed in England, Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Tanzania, Spain, Canada, and Italy. Thilo's music is often described as contemporary and accessible. His first score for Canadian film was nominated for the Alberta Film and Television Awards in 2014. As sound designer Thilo frequently works on feature films, animations, and audio dramas. As a record producer/sound engineer Thilo has worked with various solo artists and orchestras in Europe and North America. Please use the contact form below to request a full CV.

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