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Clockwork, Video Game

Clockwork is a puzzle platformer video game developed and published by video game studio Gamesoft (Australia).

Clockwork¬†is set in the dystopian future city of Watchtower; As Atto you try to get by day to day, until he discovers his watch is inhabited by the spirit of a girl known as Milli. Atto decided …

Becoming Unlimited

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Becoming Unlimited, Documentary

Director: Lisa Doolittle

In 2014- 2015, twenty-two university students, eight with identified disabilities, undertook a year-long inclusive dance journey with a dance professor and professional integrated dance director. Together they created Unlimited, an integrated dance theatre production. Documenting the whole creative process from intense rehearsals to tearful goodbyes, the film Becoming Unlimited explores …

The Girl at the Door

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The Girl at the Door, Horror

Director: Jean-Pierre Marchant

Producer: Jean-Pierre Marchant

Glenda and Hal settle in for a quiet night of comfort, away from the dangers of the outside world, but little do they know that those left out in the cold will not be denied those comforts as well.


I’m So HungryShe’s So Hungry